Adult Ministry

ABFs “Adult Bible Fellowships”

Adult Bible Fellowships (Sunday school classes) meet at 9:15 am on Sunday mornings.  People are encouraged to attend an ABF before going to worship.  These classes offer opportunities to build friendships, as well as the teaching and application of the Bible to everyday life.

Serendipity is a class for women of all ages for the study and discussion of God’s word.  This class is a great way to encouarage and be encouraged by other women.  
Suburbanite Class is a ministry for senior adults that provides an environment where believers can have Biblical teaching, Christian fellowship, and social interaction.
Foundations Class enjoys deep fellowship, while studying the foundations of the faith from the Bible.  This prepares us to reach the world with confidence using the Word of God. 
Connections is for adults (18 or older) who are looking to have fellowship, study, teach, pray and live life together.  Some subjects are covered by video series and others by books.  They also host social events outside of class.